Discounts for our guests

Being interested in the best comfort of our guests' rest, we strive to establish cooperation with various firms offering tourist attractions in Podhale region, both in winter and summer. Here, we will successively publish discounts and promotions, which will be available to those who spend time in Góraleczka guesthouse.

See what discounts we offer:

Gorący Potok - Szaflary

  • 20% discount of the normal price and children's ticket for 2,5 hours and with no time limit to Gorący Potok

Gorący Potok Fot: Gorący Potok - Szaflary

Termy Chochołowskie (Chochołowskie Termal Baths)- Chochołów

Termy Chochołowskie Fot: Termy Chochołowskie

Terma Bania - Białka Tatrzańska

  • Discount coupons extending your stay at the pools or granting discounts on various kinds of Term Bania tickets

Temy Bania Fot: Termy Bania - Białka Tatrzańska

Karczma Wiyrchowo

Karczma Wiyrchowo Fot: Karczma Wiyrchowo

More discounts soon...