Bańska Wyżna

Bańska Wyżna is a picturesque village situated in the Szaflary county (Małopolska voivodeship). It is located on the northern ridge of Gubałówka, which makes it one of the most highly situated towns in Poland. The location makes it a great observational point. A great advantage is also the fact that is it surrounded by wonderful landscapes – including the nearby Tatra mountains.

Why is it worth visiting it?

Bańska Wyżna is a perfect destination if you want to relax far from the urban noise. This village is valued mostly for the wonderful views, possibility of spending time actively, relaxing surrounded by nature and for many attractions at hand – both in winter and summer.

Parki linowe na Podhalu

Bańska Wyżna – a bunch of information

Bańska Wyżna is a small village in Szaflary county resided by about a thousand people. Among them there are the native highlanders who do not only take care of the history and tradition, but also gladly share their knowledge with tourists. The name comes from the road that leads to “banie” - mines situated in Tatra. Both Bańska Wyżna and its surrounding have plenty of interesting monuments.

In the heart of the village there are, among others, a historic Loreto bell tower from the 19th century called “burzówka” that has a bell used to warn the residents. A special attention should be also paid to the Church of Our Lady of Fatima built in the 10th century. It has incredibly valuable relics inside – of Saint Pope John Paul II and shepherds Hyacinth and Francis from Fatima, as well as of Saint Theresa. The Church contains also a cross to which John Paul II prayed in 1997.

Modernity in Podhale

The village can be proud of the modern multi-functional pitch located only 20 m from Góraleczka (on the other side of the road). We recommend to play football, volleyball and basketball there. You can also use the open-air gym. Using the pitch is obviously free for all the residents and tourists visiting our village.